Outstanding weather instruments in a weather station

A weather station refers to a particular place that has been set and equipped with special weather equipment that is used to measure and record weather patterns which will be used for climate prediction and analysis. These equipment have special sensors that help in their functions in the station. The primary instruments are namely: – the thermometer, the barometer, the hygrometer and the anemometer. We will expound more on these equipment.


This is a key particular instrument in a weather station that is used to record the temperature. it has two essential elements which are the temperature sensor which is made of mercury that will be affected when there is a change in the temperature. The second component of the thermometer is the scale that converts the recorded finding into numerical that will be easily read and recorded. The thermometer operates on the principle of thermal expansion of liquids with temperature and pressure on either heating of cooling.

  1. Barometer

A barometer is a used in the measuring and recording of the atmospheric pressure of an are in the weather station. This function comes in handy in predicting the weather and climate of a region while determining  altitude at the same time. There are several types of barometers like the water based barometers, mercury barometer, vacuum pump oil barometer and aneroid barometers among others. The barometer balances the weight of the mercury in its glass tube against the area atmospheric pressure .the mercury level will keep changing until the level of it is the same as the weight of the air available in the reservoir.

  1. Anemometer

An anemometer is a special instrument that is used to measure the speed of the wind of an area  ,the direct it is taking. with the provided sets of data the wind pressure can be calculated and use din weather predictions. with the knowledge of the wing direction, some weather patterns and predictions can be made, for instance an approaching storm which will help the pilots and engineers in their careers. There two major types of anemometers namely the velocity and pressure anemometers. The velocity type are further divided into cup, vane, hot wire and laser Doppler anemometer among others while the pressure type includes the plate and tube anemometers.


This instrument is used to measure the humidity of the air of an area. The water vapor in the atmosphere is measured perfectly  with the use of this instrument. point to note though the humidity recorded is influenced with many other  factors like the pressure, the environment mass and moisture absorbed in the soil. there are several types of hygrometers namely metal-paper coil type, hair tension, psychronometer also known as wet and dry bulb thermometer among others.

These four weather  instruments are key in the setting up of a weather station and their functions are key in accurately reading and predicting the weather patterns and forecast of an area. When these patterns are well predicted there are many advantages an area will enjoy by having advance knowledge in what is expected weather wise.

Disadvantages of a massage chair

A massage chair is a specially designed chair that is used to give an overall body massage to the person using it. It’s made of particular parts that allow proper access to all body parts and offers a full body massage. This type of chair can be used in spas, salons, homes and even offices. The advantages of these chairs have been widely shared but it goes without saying that there are disadvantages associated with the usage of this type of chair in our lives. Let’s discuss five negative impacts associated with the usage of this chair.


1.Weight problem

Different manufacturers make these types of chairs, there is a standard weight that is associated with its usage but we can not rule out the fact that there are overweight persons who will seek the massage service. If in business you can not send away clients because of weight matters. Alternatively you can not subject your clients to weighing machines to confirm their weight before they use the massage chair. As a result the chair will be overloaded and end up not working properly damaging it. When this occurs it will bring a loss to the owner. This might also cause the clients body to end up bruised, stiffened and cause injury


2 The spread of contagious diseases.

The massage chair has a special place for the head to rest during the process of massage. This part is usually referred to as the cradle or head rest. When a person with a cold uses the chair, there is no guarantee that the cradle will be properly cleaned And disinfected to ensure proper hygiene. It’s a fact that the cold and flu are all viral and can quickly affect anyone who will come into contact with that area. As a result, the spread of such diseases can not be controlled.

  1. The chair cost

The massage chairs do not come cheap when you decide to get one for a business one has to consider factors like functions it has, materials used in manufacturing it, the finish it has because aesthetic is very critical when it comes to business. With all these in mind, be sure to spend a good amount of money to get the desired chair that will provide clients with excellent services and earn your money back.

  1. Use of electricity

The massage chairs use power in its operations; the parts need electricity to functions properly. Power is costly and will come to be a high expense when it comes to business running. There is also an issue with people who have special gadgets like the pacemakers would not use the massage chair without their doctors’ clearance. This is because when in use the functions of the chair might be disturbed by the pacemaker hindering its full performance and affect the heart’s function at the same time,


With the above negative concerns associated with the acquisition and use of the massage chair, one has to think carefully before deciding on whether to own it in their home or have it in their businesses.