Facts about massage chairs.

In our lives, we all require a massage be it for relaxation or for relieving tension and pain in our body parts. Traditionally a massage was done by kneading and rubbing of body muscles with the use of hands and select essential oils to offer relief. With the developing world, there has been the invention of a special chair that has unique and particular body parts that target different areas of the body in the process; this chair is a called a massage chair. These chairs can be used in spas, salons, homes and even offices.

1.Types of massage chairs

  • Heat massage chair; this kind of chair uses heat in its operations, with the heat penetrates the body muscles, to relieve the tension and pain that one might be experiencing. On top of the heat application, general massage is also done to the body which eases the body and offers relief.
  • Vibratory chair; this type of chairs provide a vibration effect to the body once powered on. This effect plays a psychological game with your mind by distracting it from pain while you are relaxing.
  • Shiatsu chairs; these type of seats are made of rollers that once switched on will massage the body muscles to ease the body soreness and pain.

2.Factors to consider when buying a massage chair

  • Cost; these particular seats do not come cheap, you should properly budget and shop around for a suitable type.
  • Function: if the chair is for a spa, its function is business, if it’s for home it will be for relaxation and therapy, whatever the service this will determine the type of chair one will acquire.
  • Features; the seat functions that an individual is looking at achieving will also determine the chair type that can be purchased.
  1. Advantages of massage chairs
  • Relaxation; the whole process of rubbing results in a relaxed body, mind, and soul. The massaging will help in attaining a good posture for it targets different body muscles
  • spinal health; massage helps in aligning the spinal cord and promoting its well being, it reduces the pressure on the nerves.
  • Improved blood circulation and reduce stress; the relaxing of muscles will be helping the overall proper blood flow. Naturally, stress will come down once you enjoy the massage.
  • Endorphins secretion; once has relaxed on the massage chair the body is stimulated to release endorphins which act like transmitters’ to lessen the body perception of pain. With this being done, the body’s overall immunity is increased, and general well being is enhanced.
  • Increase in energy levels; with the great functions of a massage chair, the body relaxes and gets recharged. Immense strength has been reported a massage.This will help in overall body performance in the daily activities.

4.Disadvantages of massage chairs

  • Health risks; people with blood issues like poor clotting and coagulation are not advised to use the seat without their doctors go ahead. Individuals with low blood pressure are discouraged from using it for it lowers the blood pressure, that can be fatal.
  • Body Infections; if it’s a public massage chair in a spa, there are possibilities of getting an infection thanks to the numerous people that use the chair. Without proper hygiene that will be tricky.
  • Heart problems; the chair uses electricity in its operations, people with heart problems and in fact, those with pacemakers are discouraged from using it for it will hinder its operations.
  • Chair weight; these seats are bulky and require a lot of space to set up. If it’s a spa, we are looking at more rental space to accommodate its position. The same applies to a home or office location.
  • Electrical imbalance in someone body can cause seizures and cause harm to a person. In such incidents, one should opt for the traditional massage with hand.


Having looked at the above points concerning the massage chair, we can confidently conclude that the advantages outweigh the negative impacts and hence making it a worthy investment be it for a home, a  spa or salon. Proper research should be done, window shop and use the online market platform that relies on reviews to guide you so that you settles for the best value for your money!


Weather stations and our lives.

It has come to point in life that people, organization want to be in control of things, situations of what affects their lives directly. As result, areas have established weather stations for their local use. What is weather stations?


a weather station is a facility, location that has been set up with special equipment that will help in recording, analyzing and prediction of weather patterns and climate changes of a locality.

  1. Types of weather stations
  • The wireless weather station, these kinds of station operate with the help of batteries. The equipment has individual sensors that transmit data to a central location with display and storage.
  • Home stations; this type of weather station is small and ideal for home or office use, and it comes with the necessary equipment that will help in collecting the various weather and climate determinants data.
  • Digital stations; this type of locations are state of the art, an improvement of all the available ones. The equipment is sophisticated and provides more detailed data and information. The updates collected can be compared to the ones received by professional weather forecasters.
  • Professional station; relates closely to the home location, simple and ideal for a home and office. The difference though is that the information collected is more accurate and reliable unlike the former.
  1. Equipment and its uses
  • the thermometer; it’s a specialized equipment that is used to measure and record the environment temperature.
  • Barometer: used to measure the atmospheric pressure of an area
  • hygrometer; this equipment is used to measure the area humidity
  • pyranometer; a specialized apparatus for measuring the solar radiation
  • rain gauge: used for collecting rain water and measuring its precipitation.
  1. Factors to consider before setting up a weather station
  • Location- this facility should be set away from any obstructions lie building, trees and slopes. In most case, its position should be elevated at least 10 meters high.
  • Additional sensors- there is essential equipment of the station as mentioned above but they might come with other sensors that will help in providing more accurate data in its collection
  • equipment ability- one should thoroughly look at the capability of the equipment when it comes to correctly collecting and recording data.
  • Budget- one’s budget on such a facility will determine the type of material that will be purchased and installed. A sophisticated service is costly


  1. Advantages of a weather station.
  • Better planning- with the knowledge of the expected climate situation. One can plan for agricultural activities, or home improvement activities like gardening and painting
  • record keeping- with the sophisticated equipment and technology, the information collected will be well stored and one can always go back and refer to a particular period without much hustle.
  • Accurate information- with the close monitoring of these weather stations, the sophistication of the equipment and the focus on a small locality, one is assured of reliable climate prediction.
  • Protection- with advanced sensors, some equipment can predict natural calamities like storms, armed with this knowledge one can work on a protective measure of animals and homesteads in readiness to these disasters.

5.Disadvantages of a weather station

  • Equipment maintenance- the unique types of equipment have sensitive parts that will need to be maintained time and again to ensure that they function properly
  • Limited location- due to its limited area of coverage, the information provided will not help many people for it’s for a particular field, home or office.
  • Cost- for one to set up a sophisticated facility one will have to use a lot of money in purchasing of state of the art pieces of equipment.
  • Close monitoring- If the station that has been set up is manual, it will require workforce to have it monitored at different intervals for all the areas it is covering.


A weather station is an excellent facility to set up in an area, be it an office or a home, point to note however is that it might be costly to have it up and running, discharging its function properly. with the costs involved one might opt to rely on the general weather forecast with the meteorologists and cross their fingers as they plan for their activities.