Visibility and twitter likes

News 10:04 April 2024:

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It is important to understand that on twitter and generally on social media, people like things that pick their interest. For someone’s interest to be picked on something, they have to see that thing. This is where visibility becomes very important as far as getting twitter likes are concerned. For people to give you the likes that you are looking for, you have to be visible. They have to notice you anytime that they log into their twitter feeds. The basic assumption here is that you are looking for much more likes than what you are enjoying from your close friends and family that are following you on twitter.

That being said, you need to rake steps to make yourself visible to the entire twitter world. One great way that you can do this is by following the famous people. Celebrities are a great icon in the world today and they are constantly engaging their fans through their social media pages. Start engaging with these ‘celebrities’ on their twitter feeds. Contribute to their conversations, retweets their interesting tweets and ensure that each and everything that you contribute on that feed is substantial and tangible content that will pick people’s interest. Within no time the massive following that the celebrity enjoys will notice you and the twitter likes will start flowing your way.